Outer Banks Brewtag is a festival of fun and flight, offering education, recreation, culture, and community.

The annual event, now in its 7th year, is a glider-building competition where teams build creative and fun gliders that are used to launch an empty 1/6 barrel keg off of a 20-foot high flight deck.

Outer Banks Brewtag is a fundraiser supporting the Rogallo Foundation, which was created in 1992 and whose mission is to honor the Rogallo’s; preserve their priceless records, artifacts, and research; interpret their incredible story; and protect this legacy of free flight for millions of people in all nations of the world.

The Rogallo Museum

The goal is to fund the construction of the Rogallo Museum, which will:

  • Inspire invention and educate the public about the history of low speed flight
  • House and display Rogallo artifacts, including a variety of flexible wings
  • Tell the story of the invention and evolution of Rogallo’s Flexible Wing, including hang gliding, paragliding, kiteboarding, sport kites, and delta kites
  • House the Rogallo Foundation Hall of Fame, which honors pioneers & designers in the various sports derived from the flexible wing
  • Highlight the science of low speed aerodynamics, its various applications, and the micrometeorology upon which low speed flight depends

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We are currently accepting sponsors for the 2023 Outer Banks Brewtag, to be held on October 28th. For more information, please email events@kittyhawk.com.

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