In 2022, ten teams competed for the trophy of the longest flight. You won’t believe what the winning flight looked like! This fantastic Outer Banks community event featured live local bands Stereo in Words, Remedy, and the Ramble. Local and regional breweries poured their beers for a crowd of thousands of thirsty festival-goers. Breweries included Swells’a Brewing, 1718 Ocracoke Brewing, Tarboro Brewing, Seven Sounds Brewing, and Big Ugly Brewing.


1st Place
Wrong Brothers and Sista

 Distance: 80′ 1″ 

2nd Place

Distance: 68′ 8″

3rd Place
Boys of the Outer Banks Brewing Station

Distance: 51′ 10″

Flying Chicken
Late for Work

A HUGE thank you to everyone who came out and joined us for the 2022 Brewtag Celebration, your support raised $47,835, benefiting The Rogallo Foundation!