Your Team:

Your team should consist of two or more crew members. Anyone and everyone can be on your design team, however, only four Brew Crew members over the age of 18 are allowed to climb the flight deck and launch your craft. 

Your Glider:

Only self-constructed gliders with a wingspan of less than 16 feet will be considered legit. We will provide each team with an empty 1/6 Barrel (Sixtel) empty keg on flight day. The empty keg is a 1/6, American-made, 5.16 gallon, stainless steel, empty unit. 

The keg will measure 23 3/8” tall x 9 1/4” in diameter. Your craft must weigh less than 100 pounds including the 16 pound keg. You may secure your own sixtel before the event to help with design, but there will also be kegs provided the day of the event.


We’re looking for participants who are excited about being part of a one-of-a-kind event. Our judges will be looking for flying contraptions that are made using great creativity. Make the crowd laugh, make them scream your name; make them gulp in awe of the flight performance. Judges will rate your flight on the 4 important criteria: distance, time aloft, creativity of the craft, and showmanship. Standing ovations are always good! 

Let’s Review the Rules:

1) All crafts must be entirely human-powered! This means no catapults, slingshots, pulleys, or other system that uses stored energy. 

2) Size does matter! All crafts must weigh less than 100 lbs. including the 16 lb empty keg. 

3) Wing spans must be no larger than 16 feet. 

4) All flying machines must be homemade. 

5) The structure of the keg may not be modified in a permanent manner (ie. cutting, etc.). 

6) A tether option may be required depending on the direction of the wind day of. 

What Happens on Flying Day?

Crazy stuff. Fun stuff. More specifically, flying beer kegs will be launched in their hand-built, self-powered, flying machines from a 20-foot Flight Deck into the wind and into the history books. You and your team can (and should) dress in costumes to accompany your craft. Do a little skit, the crowd goes wild! The morning before the event, we’ll check all the flying machines to make sure they are following all OBX Brewtag safety guidelines, and then clear them for takeoff. You must get your craft on the Flight Deck to launch within five minutes of your designated start time. Following the launch of your flight, you must have your craft off of the field within ten minutes. If you do not launch or recover within the designated time, your team will be penalized. 

What Are The Judges Looking For?

Your celebrity judges will rate your flight on four important criteria:

  1. Distance. After all, this is a flying competition.

  2. Time aloft.

  3. Creativity of the craft. We like to reward genius.

  4. Showmanship. Like we said, ham it up.

I Want to Be a Part of the Outer Banks Brewtag.  Where Do I Start?

First, get excited. Second, get one or more friends on board and think of a concept and theme to build your craft. Then call 877-FLY-THIS or use this link to register your team. Build your craft and bring it on to the event on October 28, 2023. 


We Are Considering Using A Sling Shot Type Device, Catapult, or Other Devices Incorporating Stored Energy That Is Developed Using Human Power. Is That Allowed?

No. Your craft must be entirely human powered with no stored energy. Materials such as helium, catapults, pulleys, slingshots, batteries, etc., are not allowed at the OBX Brewtag.

Can Our Craft Have Propellers?

Propellers are allowed, but the blades must be dull. We recommend using fiberglass or a material of that kind, and the edges must be taped with duct tape to prevent sharp edges.

Can We Attach Anything To The Flight Deck (ie. Hooks, Pulleys, etc.)?

No. Nothing can be attached to the Flight Deck nor may there be any sort of static launcher system. All aircrafts must be hand-launched.

Can We Use Special Effects (ie. Firecrackers, Smoke Cans, Dry Ice, Confetti Guns, Shoot Balls Into The Crowd)?

No, you cannot use any special effects on the Flight Deck.

Can I Have More Than 4 Team Members?

Sure! The more the merrier; however, only four Brew Crew members are allowed on the Flight Deck at a time.

What Makes A Good Flying Machine And Crew?

Your Brew Crew should consist of one fearless captain and three people to aid in the launch. Only self-constructed gliders with a max wingspan of 16 feet and a max weight of 100 pounds (including the 16lbs empty keg) will be cleared for launch. Brew crews can be of any age, however launch crew must only consist of members over the age of 18. In addition to having the ability to create a well flying kite, and some will say more importantly than, you team should have spirit! Yep, have the ability to ham it up and get the crowd involved. Crowd pleasers get bonus points and are eligible for the coveted Flying Chicken Award. 

How Old Do You Have To Be To Compete At The OBX Brewtag?

Your Launch Crew must be 18 years or older by the day of the event. You can, however, have younger team members to help build, design and support your craft; they just may not help launch the aircraft off of the Flight Deck. Each member of the launch crew will be required to wear a harness and a safety line while on the flight tower. 

Will I Be Required To Sign A Waiver?

Yes, all Brew Crew members will be required to sign a waiver before they are allowed onto the Flight Deck.

What Is The Entrance Fee For My Family and My Friends Coming to Watch?

The OBX Brewtag will play host to a myriad of family activities, amazing regional craft beer and wine, tantalizing culinary offerings from our local restaurant partners, live music, and the opportunity to witness history in the making. 

Admission is entirely free to this year’s event! If you’d like to enjoy some of the awesome brews from our many beer vendors, punch cards will be sold for $30 each, which will get you four full glasses of our array of tantalizing beverages. In addition to brews, there will be a number of local eats onsite offering up some delicious food for purchase, as well as activities for the kids that will also be for purchase.  

Are dogs allowed at the event?

Yes, the OBX Brewtag is a dog-friendly event! All dogs at the event must be leashed and cleaned up after.

What about event parking?

Staff and volunteers: First Flight Adventure Park and grassy lot across the street.
VIP/Sponsors: Paved South Lot (onsite)
Guest parking: Grassy lot between Millers and Event site.   

Please note there is absolutely NO entry to this event except for the controlled access point marked with a yellow X.  If you see a barricade, do not cross it under any circumstances.  Follow the directions of the traffic control personnel and designated parking attendants.  Always use the crosswalk. All guests must go through the controlled access point with security before entering the event. Valid ID showing legal age must be presented to get wristband and participate in alcohol consumption. No exceptions will be granted if you cannot show you are over 21 with a valid identification per the ABC laws.  We take everyone’s safety as our number one priority and there will be zero tolerance to any behavior that would put themselves or others at risk.