The 2016 Brewtag was one to remember. The day kicked off with the first of three bands (Blurkey’s Quirky Friends; Sensi Trails and Octo Pus) rocking the stage.  As the bands played and the beers poured, the teams prepared for flight. Battling against a strong wind, the teams made their way up the 30ft flight deck and each took their chance at history. The teams struggled to perfect their launch into the wind at first, relying on their dancing and crowd hyping to carry the performances. But, as the day progressed, so did the flying. It started with team Smarty Pints breaking the World Record for keg flight by launching their keg 60 ft. in what seemed like it may be the crown winning keg flight of the day. But, the Burrito Bro’s didn’t show up to lose. They launched their Rogallo style wing flawlessly, letting it catch the wind and glide to a new best flight of 62ft! A true flight for the record books, one that may be talked about in the same light as that of the Wright Brothers over a hundred years before, and only a few miles up the road. In possibly the best keg launch performance ever seen, featuring interpretive dancing set to the hit song “Africa” by Toto, a Freaker Sweater for a keg thrown before the launch, and creative costumes, Team Plane B stole the judge’s hearts and won the voting for the coveted Flying Chicken Award. All the teams have set the stage for some long flights next year, we can’t wait to see what’s in store! The final rankings were as follows:

    1st Place: Flying Burrito Bro’s

    2nd Place: Smarty Pints

    3rd Place: Team Blue Crab

    Flying Chicken Award: Plane B